Getting My Hands Dirty

It’s been a busy summer around here. Not much different from any other summer.

I spent a good portion of late June and much of July filing music. Any choral director will tell you that’s the worst part of the job. In most of my church jobs, I had a music librarian who did this but even so, some of it fell to me anyway. This summer has been especially messy with filing for some reason but I’m almost finished. I am on the last bag of handouts and old programs and my only problem will be deciding what to keep and what to recycle. It should take one more afternoon and then I should be done but not for long–I have to put together fall folders.

Many of my peers–directors and conductors–can’t be bothered with this “busy work” but I almost like it. I see what we have and don’t have. I see what condition the copies are in. Sometimes, I find music I forgot we have and am inspired to program it!

I am really one of those “hands on” people and have no problem pitching in when needed. I find if I want something to happen, some times I have to make it happen. And while I have wonderful volunteers, the buck stops with me but at times, it starts with me as well.

I suppose it would be wonderful to be a Diva and be waited on…..or maybe it wouldn’t, I wouldn’t know. I’ve always pitched in and gotten my hands dirty. I don’t know any other way.

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