The Pause that refreshes…..sometimes

I was out of town for a few days. Same place as last year–Door County. It has been a very busy spring and summer, more so than usual, and I was so looking forward to spending time just relaxing. I couldn’t. I couldn’t relax. Oh sure, I saw some movies, dined out and went to a concert but I could not relax. My mind wouldn’t shut down and allow my body to follow. I kept thinking about auditions and rehearsals and several family events I need to plan…….and I couldn’t stop. I brought some magazines to page through….and I couldn’t focus on them. I brought some trashy books–I usually read history or biographies during the summer but wanted something more “mind candy”–and couldn’t get interested.

The truth is–I need to have some time to have my mind shut down to function in my day to day life. I usually focus intensely and then back off. Summer affords me that opportunity but not this year. I have the usual with the MMS coming up, with a 9-11 service and several conducting gigs for me but for some reason, it just seems like more.

This next week, I have auditions scheduled–and I think these folks could be great additions to the MMS. The follow week, rehearsals begin. I think I may just scrub my kitchen floor to give my mind a holiday—nay–or maybe not!

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