It’s HOT!

It happens once or twice a summer in the Midwest–this unbearably hot, stifling heat. It is humid as well, with skin turning damp as soon as you step out of doors. I would liken it to an oven and many do. It can also be compared to Blizzard Weather–we are stuck inside with only our AC to keep us cool; opposite weather, same result .

I enjoy gardening and lounging on the patio and taking power walks–better for my ‘former ballet dancer’ knees– and many things I am not able to do at other times of the year in our region. We enjoy summer here in Chicago and the Midwest simply because it’s beautiful and we can get outside and be active. I stroll by Lake Michigan when I can and eat al fresco anywhere I can–food tastes better outside–and revel in the sunshine. But I don’t revel in this because I am stuck in the house.

I have gotten things done for the MMS upcoming auditions and concert cycle. Finished putting together and preparing a snail mailing for auditions. Collated and numbered music–I still am waiting for a few more pieces–and listened to recordings. I’ve caught up on correspondence, written PR for our auditions and started writing program notes for a few other groups–‘way ahead of schedule. But I’m antsy because I want to be outside and it’s too hot!

I suppose being forced to do things I should be doing anyway has it’s advantages. I’d still like to be outside!

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